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For the ladies, the gentlemen and especially all other: We bring You the most brutal, happy, bizarre, new thinking and fantastic music! All composed and created from ground by UrDJUret. You can freely download the final, complete discography [UrDJUret's Music Heritage v2.0], which includes 70 truly unique MP3 songs, plus some extras. All songs in this discography are also available in the online web player below. The EP album [UrDJUret's Music Heritage v2.0 EP] consists of the five first songs of the discography and is available on Spotify and other major streaming services. Please consider making a donation to make us really, really happy! Also check out the mixed images in the gallery. More info can be found in the final note. Enjoy!

> UrDJUret's Music Heritage v2.0 EP  > UrDJUret's Music Heritage v2.0
Type.......: EP Music Album  Type.......: Discography (Includes EP)
Playtime...: 25 minutes, 5 tracks  Playtime...: 5 hours and 56 minutes, 70 tracks
Format.....: CD & Streaming (Spotify + more)  Format.....: MP3s in ZIP-File + Web player
Price......: Some services are free, some costs  Price......: Free ($0)
Description: Selected tracks by UrDJUret  Description: All music by UrDJUret + extras

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